Thursday, 10 October 2013


Hello beautiful!

So this is a new post i'm going to start doing, hopefully every Friday. Basically, as you can work out from the title it's called 'Fan-girl Friday'. I will be sharing posts with you about anything I've been obsessing over in the previous week. Lets get started shall we :)

Max factor masterpiece max. OK, I recommend this 10000000000%!!! It's such a long wearing mascara which is a bonus and makes your eyelashes appear so long. It gives me a false eyelash effect which leaves me lost for words. 

Thanks for checking by!
-Demi x x x


  1. Nice post sweetie :)

    NEW POST...

  2. "Fan Girl Friday" so creative! Will deffo be looking forward to this every Friday :)

    Btw, I tagged you for The Liebster Award here:

    I do hope you enjoy! x