Sunday, 6 October 2013


Hello there!
So above is a recent picture of my NATURAL nails! (I kid you not)

So, almost everywhere I go I get people asking me "are your nails fake?!" "omg how do you get your nails so long,mine always break!" So here is a blog post to reveal my secrets to healthy, strong long nails :)

A healthy diet isn't that important (don't bite my head off i'm just saying it works for me as i live on pizza but still have healthy nails). But, a glass of milk every now and then really does help and encourage stronger nails! I also take a vitamin tablet every now and then ( basically when i dont forget ) and it literally does work a treat for my nails. My final tip is, when growing your nails, it's sooooo annoying when you've waited several weeks and you're really proud but then you get a nail caught and it chips off your nail, so, to avoid this ever so slightly round off the edges of your nails. 

I hope this works for you :)
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-Demi x x x


  1. I'm growing my nails out at the moment and this was so helpful, thank you! Haha i'm the same, i live off pizza and instant noodles :)


    1. Hello Charlotte!

      Glad it helped :)
      Your comment made me laugh haha, pizza and noodles are literally me in a nutshell! so good mmmm

      -Demi x x x

  2. great tips! i always have my nails super short but yours look lovely long :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. you can win a bottle of diesel loverdose perfume over on my blog! click here

    1. Hello Helen!
      Thank-you x
      & i'll check it out for sure!

      -Demi x x x

  3. The giveaway has started sweetie :)

  4. nice nice nice!