Monday, 19 August 2013


This blog isn't a particular subject so with having the freedom to post whatever I wish on my space on the internet I thought i'd have a little rant as it's about something that really, REALLY gets on my wits...

As i'm half black,half white (mixed race) I don't fit under just one of those, i.e either black or white... You may or may not have heard ' too black for your white friends, too white for your black friends '. So I lie quite nicely in the middle - I don't really mind that. As of that, I appear rather tanned... But, in my opinion, I really don't see how it's fine with all the 'woaaah,you're wearing so much fake tan' 'you're so brown omg', when i'm not wearing any,it's my natural colour, and brown and orange are different colours. It wouldn't be acceptable if I just went up to a fully white person and said, ' OMG HAVE YOU BLEACHED YOUR SKIN OR SOMETHING ' 'WOAH STEADY WITH THE BLEACHING OF THE SKIN 'YOU'RE SO WHITE''... See, I thought not. They'd probably cry and feel humiliated.

To summaries, whatever your colour - it's a blessing. Be proud of your colour, and don't be so ignorant! Not everyone has to be either black or white... And be careful what you say so you don't make an individual feel an outcast if they're not the same colour as you.

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