Monday, 19 August 2013


It's the furthest away but you're sat there thinking 'ayeeeeee, Nandos loyalty card? She fo'real?' Well yes. Wherever I go,so does my Nandos card, you're laughing now but next time I visit I get a free half chicken,yeah you heard... WHO'S LAUGHING NOW. (Go meee!) - Can be found..Well..At Nandos,lol.

Another item that you will find somewhere in my bag is money, because you just never know when you might find a beauty product that makes you just 'AHHHH', but you have to turn away because you don't have any money on you.  - You can't have mine i'm afraid so you'll have to earn your own.

Also my Shea butter body lotion, that you will either find splattered EVERYWHERE in my bag (don't you just hate when that happens), or nicely compact in it's packaging as it should be. I just LOVE this product, it moisturises the deeper layers of your skin,and smells just mmmmmm, like I find myself licking my skin afterwards to then realise it doesn't taste half as good as it smells :( - Can be bought in 'The Body shop'.

Finally, my vaseline and my impulse, these two are good for topping up during the day. Vaseline to treat my lips as they get VERY dry during the day. And my Impulse has the sweetest scent, it's called 'Sweet smile',aw.. :)     -Both can be bought in any drugstore.

 Anyways, let me know what your bag essentials are or if there's any must have items I should know about. Follow my blog for up to date posts I create daily. Have a nice day :)


  1. Very cool blog!
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    1. Thank-you!

      &Yeah sure, i've just followed you... Follow back!

      -Demi x x x